BREAKING: Britain First submits NEW application to Electoral Commission to register as political party

Today, HQ submitted a new application to the Electoral Commission to register Britain First as a political party in the two electoral jurisdictions, mainland Britain and Northern Ireland.

This follows instructions from the judge in last week's High Court hearing in Belfast that Britain First should re-apply.

After working with our legal team all week to ensure that this new application is legally "air tight", today party leader Paul Golding felt confident enough to lodge the separate applications (for the mainland and Northern Ireland) with the Electoral Commission.

Paul said:

"The clock is now ticking. The Electoral Commission now has six weeks to register Britain First or we will immediate apply back to the High Court in Belfast for a new, rapid court hearing."

"This new application includes a beefed up constitution and financial scheme and five affidavits that deal decisively with all the concerns the Electoral Commission outlined at last week's hearing in Belfast."

"The Electoral Commission cannot possible object to anything in the new application. If they still refuse to register Britain First, we go back to court immediately and this time we are virtually guaranteed to win."

"Now we just have to sit back and wait."

Britain First has worked closely with our solicitor and barrister in Northern Ireland to eradicate all the concerns and objections given by the Electoral Commission in previously rejected applications.

If the Electoral Commission are stupid enough to refuse our application for the ninth time, they would be in serious hot water if the case was taken back to court.

Britain First is undoubtedly the premiere nationalist political party in this country, so please consider joining officially as a member.

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