150,000 Target


Convicted Rochdale grooming gang paedophile Abdul Rauf is still free to roam around Rochdale and the north of England, even though he was supposed to have been deported to Pakistan after his release on license in 2014.

One of his victims has said she had 'never been so scared in all her life' when she bumped into him while out shopping in the town.

The failure to deport foreign criminals like Abdul Rauf continues to blight the lives of victims, many of whom have been subjected to horrendous abuse at the hands of these Islamist paedophiles.

We demand that the Home Secretary orders the deportation of Abdul Rauf back to Pakistan and in addition, urgently reviews all such cases of foreign criminal paedophiles who have no business remaining in our country.

Please sign our petition below and add your name to the list of concerned citizens and patriots who are rightly appalled by the lack of urgency displayed by the government on this issue.

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  • 2021-05-18 00:01:30 +0100
    Deport this reprobate.
  • 2021-05-14 08:27:18 +0100
    Grow some balls Britain , and do the RIGHT thing!
  • 2021-05-13 10:35:22 +0100
    We all need to protect all citizens braking the law is the law to many times. These disgusting people have broken the law in the most disgusting way they do not deserve to stay in our country please please change the law and start deporting these people before it’s to late
  • 2021-05-10 21:29:40 +0100
    Put our victims first
  • 2021-05-10 20:08:02 +0100
    No more pussy footing around. This shit must be stopped.
  • 2021-05-10 01:49:58 +0100
    I’m absolutely disgusted that these vile human beings who were told by the judge dealing with their case that they would be deported yet they are still walking around in this country. What is wrong with you people. Deport them now. Your suppose to be in power so use your power and get them deported.
  • 2021-05-09 19:29:03 +0100
  • 2021-05-09 19:04:36 +0100
    Then deport every muslim & foreign criminal the day sentence ends, along WITH their families. Islam does NOT belong here, paedophile worshipping scum.
  • 2021-05-09 10:10:50 +0100
    People have rights & responsibilities. By failing in their duty to be law-abiding citizens in this country, they automatically forfeit their right to remain. They should be deported. As head of household, they have have made choices which have consequences. Rather than their defence lawyers bleating that they have family here so should not be deported- their entire families should be deported with them. And when the legal argument shifts to human rights of their families, the defence should be that they summarily violated the victims human rights – destroyed their innocence and lives forever and THAT is why they should be deported. Make an example of him. Don’t like our rules? Then do t live here? Do t like our rules? Then don’t you or your family take advantage of our NHS healthcare and welfare system.
  • 2021-05-06 23:35:20 +0100
    Deport this muslim paedo before he rapes more children
  • 2021-05-04 15:06:03 +0100
    Why is this Dangerous man on our streets and in our Country, have the authorities got no teeth to deport him, the Judge made the decision so why is he still here, is it because the authorities are somehow scared of any backlash from somewhere.

    We need answers and we need them now, are the Woke elements involved here, what about the protection of the public, it seems to me that the criminal elements are treated better than the victims.

    Wake up you people in power and listen to the real news not that fake censored rubbish that is portrayed on our TVs every night
  • 2021-05-03 17:43:15 +0100
    Utter Discuss . WHERE is JUSTICE?

    The government MUST act NOW or loose the little credibility it has left
  • 2021-05-03 15:16:17 +0100
    If this was reversed and a Britain was found guilty of rape against Pakistani girls would the authorities there allow that person to walk the streets? Of course not, in that country they wouldn’t even be breathing now. The British government of all colour’s should be ashamed they have allowed these creatures to be still be walking our streets and failing to protect the people they are voted in to protect.
  • 2021-05-02 17:22:25 +0100
    Beyond disgusted that this has been allowed to happen. Where is the justice for the victims ?
  • 2021-05-02 15:14:44 +0100
    Save our children deport them now x