"Historic England" is a taxpayer-funded organisation that claims to champion England's heritage and culture.

Last year, Historic England received over £90 million in funding but spends most of its time compiling "reports" and "lists" proving just how awful and racist England is!

The latest 157-page "report" from Historic England names and shames hundreds of other much-loved tourist attractions, village greens, country pubs, cherished private homes, a vicarage and even Alton Towers as being racist.

Now we learn that Historic England has thrown its support behind "counter-memorials" being placed next to British statues and monuments that will explain how racist and wicked the person being honoured was.

All of this woke madness was triggered by the toppling of the statue of Bristol hero Edward Colston and its replacement with a Black Lives Matter protester giving a "black power" salute.

We, the people of Britain, have had enough of one-sided, left-wing woke agitators trying to re-write and erase our history and culture.

"Historic England" must be told, in no uncertain terms, to focus on promoting our national monuments, not condemning and undermining them!

Britain First has started a complaints drive to demand that "Historic England" cease with their politically correct, woke campaign to remove historical England's historical heritage.

Please read the letter below then fill out the form and your complaint will be sent immediately to Chief Executive of Historic England Duncan Wilson OBE (pictured at top):