INTERVIEW: Paul Golding sits down for a talk with chairman Timothy Burton

The chairman of Britain First, Timothy Burton, was recently interviewed by party leader Paul Golding in order to explore his background and to discover what led him into politics.

During the interview, Tim draws a vivid picture of his early life and work, from his days at university in the 1970's, through his career with various oil companies in the Middle East as a geologist and with various micro-electronics companies in the UK as an engineer, before starting his own business as a computer consultant in the 1990s.

Tim also goes into detail about his political awakening during the days following the events of 9/11, and his eventual realisation that the narrative spun by the establishment and the media concerning political Islam is merely a work of fiction designed to fool the population of the Western world.

He recounts his days in court, crossing swords with Fiyaz Mughal OBE, the mendacious, grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist-in-chief of 'Tell Mama UK', his treatment at the hands of a corrupt judicial system and his subsequent spell of imprisonment at HMP Thameside - an experience which led him to write his first book, 'Pigeon on the Wing'.

He also talks about what made him join Britain First and how he sees the future of this country panning out, as the forces of patriotism and nationalism gather strength against a rising tide of globalisation, totalitarianism and political Islam.

Please watch the full interview below:

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