Monuments to William Beckford, a former London mayor, and John Cass, a member of Parliament, are to be removed by the 'City of London Corporation' due to their links to historical slavery.

In the wake of the 'Black Lives Matter' communist movement, the City of London Corporation set up a 'Tackling Racism Taskforce' which decided the statues must be removed.

The left-wing members of the 'Tackling Racism Taskforce' are conveniently forgetting the prevalence of slavery across the entire world for thousands of years, in every country and by every civilisation.

Instead, they are simply using 'slavery' as an excuse to remove British historical monuments within our ancient capital city.

The left-wing war against British history and culture is never-ending and they will use every opportunity to erode our heritage.

Please take part in our campaign below and your complaint will be sent automatically to Catherine McGuinness, the City of London Corporation’s policy chairman and Caroline Addy, co-chairman of the 'Tackling Racism Taskforce':