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From the very beginning, Harry and Meghan continually demonstrated that they are a pair of attention-seeking, out-of-touch back-stabbers who prioritise fame, riches and media coverage over service and duty.

Their incessant woke lecturing, complaining and whining while living a royal life of mega wealth in palaces being attended by servants and butlers has been a nauseating spectacle lasting years.

Their relentless efforts to achieve global stardom and wealth at the expense of the Royal Family thankfully ended when they headed for "privacy" in a series of huge Californian mansions.

Since then, Harry and Meghan have waged an unrelenting public relations campaign to generate an endless conveyor belt of publicity and attention.

Despite lecturing the world about "compassion" from their Los Angeles Ivory Tower paradise, both of these grasping, multi-millionaire brats were busy preparing dishonest and revolting attacks on their own families, purely to rocket them into the global spotlight.

During an interview with woke billionaire Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan launched a shocking and appalling assault on our Royal Family, a litany of lies, distortions and falsehoods, while playing the race card to ensure maximum media interest.

Britain First has launched a petition in support of Her Majesty The Queen, politely asking her to strip these self-absorbed, self-serving, treacherous hypocrites of their Royal titles.

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  • 2021-10-17 11:56:42 +0100
    What they have done to the Queen and to this country is a disgrace, and they have turned their back on us, and now we need to do the same.
  • 2021-10-07 13:25:49 +0100
    They both deserve to be shamed world wide for their insults and hurtful accusations aimed at harrys own family and making money from harrys name and status which they both said they didn’t want once our favourite Prince the uk welcomed meghan with open arms then they turned their backs and left treating the uk like dirt a couple of winging money craving hypocrites is it any wonder the uk and canada don’t want them back they are doing everything they said they didn’t want i hope the USA see through them and stop them taking over usa.
  • 2021-10-07 09:43:16 +0100
    This couple are trying to destroy the monarchy of England, they held a live interview whilst his grandfather lay on his deathbed accusing members of his family of racism and a pack of other nasty lies he and this woman have no self respect. Who wants to buy their pathetic books they are looking to make money from sales as their last resort. I won’t be buying any of their rubbish, his poor mother must be turning in her grave to think that one of her sons would shame himself in this way. Don’t be swayed by their disloyalty to the Crown, our loving caring Queen has born enough sorrow already at the loss of her beloved husband Prince Phillip. We need to unite behind her and stand firm, remove all titles and ties with this vindictive pair once and for all
  • 2021-10-05 12:45:38 +0100
    It is not only their titles that should be removed ,they should also be removed from the line of accession . Only the Government can do this at the request of the Queen. Of course, if they were decent human beings, which of course they are not, they would mothball their titles and simply go by the moniker Mr and Mrs Meghan Markle.0
  • 2021-10-03 23:31:03 +0100
    Get rid of these two they deserve nothing strip them of their titles they serve no purpose in America don’t let them back into Great Britain wasting more taxpayers money, they both lie and cheat, how many of us have had to endure the loss of a parent or a sibling or child we just have to get on with things as best we can, many of us are stressed, frightened, and anxious for our families during these very difficult times, some of us don’t even know if we can keep a roof over our heads pay our bills and feed ourselves. Harry and Meghan are no longer part of our lives so tell them to stop making a fuss over nothing and shut up, we don’t want to see or hear about them ever again
  • 2021-10-02 16:56:43 +0100
    These 2 are TRAITORS and should never be allowed to set foot upon British soil again, they are devious and she is manipulative and an enemy to our royal family, get rid of them they serve no purpose other than to titillate the press
  • 2021-10-02 16:14:45 +0100
    Always liked harry. I was thrilled on his wedding day then was horrified with his total transformation. Harry has let my queen and country down and is no longer welcome. sad but it’s his choice. His titles need stripping then we can all move on.
  • 2021-10-01 18:48:57 +0100
    This couple are a disgrace to the United Kingdom as an ex soldier I am surprised at the unpleasant underhanded attitude of Prince Harry to his Grandmother Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth.

    This fine lady has served our country unfailingly with love and loyalty for all of her citizens, no matter what colour or religion, this pair are trying to destroy everything she has strived so hard to achieve they should never be allowed to return to the UK and should not be allowed to keep the titles this great lady lovingly bestowed upon them when they married, stripe them immediately of a title they have trampled into the mud. God Save The Queen.
  • 2021-09-30 10:46:07 +0100
    It is time to remove all titles and connections from a couple who clearly neither respect or care about family, for people requesting not to be in the spotlight they obviously don’t understand or refuse to remain in the shadows, their obvious hatred of true ROYALTY and what it represents is deplorable our ENGLISH TRADITIONS are admired all over the world please continue your very fine and admirable way of life your majesty we hold you in our hearts as you hold this fine country in yours.
  • 2021-09-30 08:27:47 +0100
    Strip this disgusting pair of all royal titles immediately.
  • 2021-09-25 14:58:57 +0100
    His actions against the royal family, particularly the Queen, speak for themselves.
  • 2021-09-13 22:57:11 +0100
    They have shown disrepect to our Queen and our country . All they want the royal family for is to live off there name and make money. They are a disgrace.
  • 2021-08-26 04:20:54 +0100
    Harry and Meghan are so sick they both now need to be locked up in a mental institution and for couple of years for rehabilitation.. they are not fit as Royals or even as parents (as their attention is always elsewhere..! be it power or money grabbing like filthy pigs who wouldn’t care about anything or anyone really but only themselves!) Your majesty the Queen, Harry has clearly betrayed you! betrayed his country! and betrayed every British person! if he truly loved you and cared about you and if he really cared about his own dear brother William and his own father he would not dare act in such a way now. PLEASE strip those two evil, self-absorbed, self-serving, treacherous hypocrites of their Royal titles and any other privileges they have and sue them for every penny they have, leave them dry and PLEASE make but sure they (and who ever else support them) can never open their filthy and disgusting mouth ever again. may God Bless the Queen
  • 2021-08-25 17:39:57 +0100
    If we take their titles away from them they will have little to sell

    They did say that they wanted to step away from royal duties which they have done so why keep their titles if not for selling themselves
  • 2021-08-23 16:10:02 +0100
    Please take away their Titles Duke & Duchess of Sussex – they do not deserve them – after all the titles should really belong to relations who are serving their country – not to outsiders who have nothing of relevance or importance to give to the UK. Their constant ‘digs’ at the Monarchy are distasteful, mocking and to be quite honest Meghan should have known what she was in for. The Princess dream is for little girls not grown up women. Meghan obviously was reading the wrong books. Her fault and Harry well he is just pleased to be getting all the limelight – so jealous of his brother William who knows what responsibility will come his way and how to handle it. Harry would never make a future King – he does not have the integrity or the mentality to carry it off. Good riddance to the pair of them – Harry & Meghan – please go away.
  • 2021-08-22 20:00:09 +0100
    Time to say Goodbye and good riddance. Harry hasn’t been the same since he met Meghan

    Morally Evil Godless Horrible Atrocious Nasty.. woman

    Before Meghan.. Harry was a… Happy And Regally Royal Youth

    Janet n Tony Nightingale
  • 2021-08-21 10:56:47 +0100
    Complete laughing stock to the Royal Family and a slur on the good people of Sussex
  • 2021-08-15 09:48:06 +0100
    A disgrace to HM the Queen who has served her country for so long without one complaint or act of selfishness. I’m ashamed of Harry and his antics.
  • 2021-08-11 05:09:37 +0100
    Their actions have made it necessary to take their titles. They say themselves they will never return to England and why would you want them to.
  • 2021-08-06 23:12:21 +0100
    I think Megan and Harry are mocking the royal family. They want to use the royal family to make money, no matter who they hurt. The only reason they are relevant is because of their titles. Please strip them. Americans are very sick of them and can see right through them. They want their cake and eat it too. Megan is a very greedy person who cares nothing about family. She is not a good mother because a good mother would lead by example and want her children to be close to their families. Strip their titles please