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From the very beginning, Harry and Meghan continually demonstrated that they are a pair of attention-seeking, out-of-touch back-stabbers who prioritise fame, riches and media coverage over service and duty.

Their incessant woke lecturing, complaining and whining while living a royal life of mega wealth in palaces being attended by servants and butlers has been a nauseating spectacle lasting years.

Their relentless efforts to achieve global stardom and wealth at the expense of the Royal Family thankfully ended when they headed for "privacy" in a series of huge Californian mansions.

Since then, Harry and Meghan have waged an unrelenting public relations campaign to generate an endless conveyor belt of publicity and attention.

Despite lecturing the world about "compassion" from their Los Angeles Ivory Tower paradise, both of these grasping, multi-millionaire brats were busy preparing dishonest and revolting attacks on their own families, purely to rocket them into the global spotlight.

During an interview with woke billionaire Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan launched a shocking and appalling assault on our Royal Family, a litany of lies, distortions and falsehoods, while playing the race card to ensure maximum media interest.

Britain First has launched a petition in support of Her Majesty The Queen, politely asking her to strip these self-absorbed, self-serving, treacherous hypocrites of their Royal titles.

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  • 2021-03-10 10:09:34 +0000
    Remove all titles.immediately,she disgusts me,and he is pathetic
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:33 +0000
    A discrace, things they are talking about are private family matters. They should have dealt with them in private with the family not on some cheap chat show. Meghan seems determined to topple the monachy.they said they wanted out of the media yet they are more in it now than ever,and still living millionaire’s life style,they should be ashamed. Harry has back stabbed his family.
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:26 +0000
    Megan Markle is a attention seeking diva who has dragged Harry down to her level,karma will follow !
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:21 +0000
    There both a disgrace especially that Megan if she was married to William she wouldn’t of been bothered, she just wants to be Kate

    Our queen has been doing her job for 69odd years and has never complained once now this could potentially kill Philip and make our queen have a bad name because of her selfish coward way
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:15 +0000
    They have shown they don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves. While I agree if they wanted to leave to have privacy that was ok, but to now say the disgusting things they are is beyond terrible and at a time when Prince Phillip in hospital. They should be stripped of any titles they can be, I feel so sorry for the Queen and the rest of the royal family their hearts must be breaking at this time.
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:10 +0000
    They are no longer respected as royals
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:09 +0000
    Strip them of there titles the disrespectful people.

    I don’t think they will struggle. Got enough in the bank. Should think of the common people struggling. Different life altogether. Shame for them .
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:09 +0000
    I found the interview embarassing and I feel they shpuld pay back the money that was spent out on there royal wedding
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:08 +0000
    They have left the Royal Family as an institution and take no part in state affairs. They are embittered and now damaging our country. Remove the titles.
  • 2021-03-10 10:09:03 +0000
    If these 2 had not ran away to the USA they BOTH should have been charged with Treason. Trust markel to go running to her best racist friend to SLANDER our royal family.
  • 2021-03-10 10:08:57 +0000
    They have betrayed the position Harry has Disrespect it and Maghen is trying to exploit the position bringing shame to the crown and the others higher up the chain than they are
  • 2021-03-10 10:08:56 +0000
    If I had something against which my family spoke and did not like it, as Principe did a press conference saying that the titles are declined by my own decision.

    Once these were taken or taken out, I could then say what had happened … I personally have this kind of racial problems in my family, that’s why I live apart from them, because I don’t like that kind of appreciation or depreciation!
  • 2021-03-10 10:08:50 +0000
    Always playing the bloody race card.
  • 2021-03-10 10:08:48 +0000
    Dispicable Pair…..