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From the very beginning, Harry and Meghan continually demonstrated that they are a pair of attention-seeking, out-of-touch back-stabbers who prioritise fame, riches and media coverage over service and duty.

Their incessant woke lecturing, complaining and whining while living a royal life of mega wealth in palaces being attended by servants and butlers has been a nauseating spectacle lasting years.

Their relentless efforts to achieve global stardom and wealth at the expense of the Royal Family thankfully ended when they headed for "privacy" in a series of huge Californian mansions.

Since then, Harry and Meghan have waged an unrelenting public relations campaign to generate an endless conveyor belt of publicity and attention.

Despite lecturing the world about "compassion" from their Los Angeles Ivory Tower paradise, both of these grasping, multi-millionaire brats were busy preparing dishonest and revolting attacks on their own families, purely to rocket them into the global spotlight.

During an interview with woke billionaire Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan launched a shocking and appalling assault on our Royal Family, a litany of lies, distortions and falsehoods, while playing the race card to ensure maximum media interest.

Britain First has launched a petition in support of Her Majesty The Queen, politely asking her to strip these self-absorbed, self-serving, treacherous hypocrites of their Royal titles.

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  • 2021-06-08 12:07:13 +0100
    Waste of money to fund a waste of time mercher
  • 2021-06-08 05:15:33 +0100
    Please strip them now as they are a TOTAL INSULT to the Commonwealth….Trash the family in every cruel insulting way… they will pretend to care ONLY when it suits them typical Narc behaviour…..Not good enough and cut them loose please…..they are total scum and leeches..Thank you
  • 2021-06-07 15:58:54 +0100
    The idea that these 2 walked away from royal life for a life of privacy is laughable. If they don’t want the job that goes with the titles strip them. They can’t have their cake and eat it. It’s obvious they want to maintain their King and Queen of Celebrity status. Let them just be plain Harry and Meg.
  • 2021-06-07 15:56:41 +0100
    I truly believe if the Royal Family wishes to survive, they must take a stand against Harry & Meghan’s vindictive behaviour. If the Royal Family believes by staying quiet thinking this will go away, they are very much mistaken. The Royal Family are Harry and Meghan’s bread and butter. They are making millions because of their connection. Take all Royal associations from them, it’s the only way forward.

    Give them what they asked for. A private life away from Royalty, without the trappings they believe comes with the job. We’re fully aware they were given the Duke and Duchess titles from the Queen on their wedding day. Don’t be afraid to take them back, or anything else she bestowed them. The Queen owes them nothing.

    They owe Queen and Country, we don’t owe them anything after their views on us all.
  • 2021-06-07 10:37:49 +0100
    It is clear that ‘actions speak louder’ with this couple! It is utterly extraordinary to see the violent and vengeful bashing these two intend to inflict to the RF and GB included, with the mere purpose to display how different they think they are with the wish to remain, however, associated with the very same Family they trashed as being the root of their mental torment. Dysfunctional behaviour is screaming all over and it is not by cherry picking baby names, as they did, that will change the course of the narrative they live by! The removal of their titles is the morally and ethically right thing to do, without any doubt.
  • 2021-06-07 08:17:28 +0100
    He & she are a disgrace for what they have done.
  • 2021-06-06 21:57:07 +0100
    I Love the Royal family and feel very sad Prince Harry is doing this to his family.

    I do not think they deserve their titles any longer it pains me to say so.
  • 2021-06-06 17:31:17 +0100
    They should not have royal titles. They have stepped away from the Royal Family and also trashed the Royal Family. They should hang their heads in shame.
  • 2021-06-06 15:24:42 +0100
    If they wish to be private citizens, then they have no rights to any royal titles. Why should they still have a title and expect to earn a living because of these titles, when they are so unhappy with the Monarchy. Let them truly stand on their own two feet without any title and see how far that gets them.
  • 2021-06-06 00:04:17 +0100
    It is disgraceful the way that Harry and Meghan have behaved towards our beloved Royal Family and indeed our beloved HRH Queen Elizabeth 2nd so soon after the death of our beloved HRH The Prince Philip – they have shown no compassion to wards HRH Queen Elizabeth and have told so many lies it is unbelievable. Who do they think they are speaking like this about our Royal Family and indeed Harry’s own family – disgusting behaviour by the pair of them. They should be stripped of their titles immediately .
  • 2021-06-05 20:51:24 +0100
    I’m disgusted with there behaviour . Harry should be disowned by all the royals without delay.

    What a letdown. His mother would be ashamed of him.
  • 2021-06-05 17:28:04 +0100
    Native Santa Barbara would like their royal selves to show some class; just shut up and show some respect for others who have had life so much worse. Honor and praise God who has created all people equal. Rather embarrassed to have such whining, ungrateful people in the community I was born, reared, educated and worked. Please leave if you cannot show some semblance of humility.

    Air your complaints on NBC (no body cares).
  • 2021-06-05 16:58:32 +0100
    they say they want to be free to do what they wont without any ties to the royal family, so go on then make your own way in life without the royal family perks like using your titles.
  • 2021-06-05 16:32:24 +0100
    So that they may be free and everyone might move on